About Us

MadebyRural™ is an e-commerce social enterprise of Zumchee Global Enterprise Limited that sale high-quality artisan products made in Africa to enable the funding of charitable causes in Africa and Canada.

Originally established in Africa to augment the funds required to help increase access to better health-care services for people in rural West African communities, we have moved to Calgary, Alberta in search of greater opportunities and to contribute to the cultural richness of our new country by celebrating African cultures and traditions. We believe that these products are a connection to a unique and authentic African experience.

Our initiative provides a global platform for craftsmen and craftswomen in Africa to showcase their crafts and sale their products at a fair price. By selling at a fair price, these artisans are empowered to be able to afford a better life for themselves and their families.

This approach of sharing our culture is a key part of the human experience and is at the heart of funding our charitable initiatives. Since ancient times, humans have celebrated their cultural histories through art and sharing in traditions that have brought joy and happiness to all involved.

Take part in the history of our global village today with the storied, and fashionable, works of art that we have to offer.