Mona Ataya is a business leader. She is the founder of MUMZWORLD, a leading e-commerce company in the Middle-East and Africa that is dedicated to the needs of mothers and children. She is also the co-founder of Bayt.com, a successful recruitment platform. We listened to her speak about her experiences and vision for MUMZWORLD at an event organized by the Startup Oman in conjunction with the Startup Grind at the Innovation Factory - Knowledge Oasis, Muscat. Here we have summarized the things she said that resonated with us:

  1. Know the "why" of why you do what you do because that is what will keep you going when you are in doubt.

  2. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody - it is a never ending journey of discovery and involves self-sacrifice.

  3. Having a detailed business plan is useful in understanding the "what", the "how" and the "why" of your business but be prepared to throw it away (or rather, modify it) after 6 weeks of starting your business.

  4. Have a clear vision of capital because business do not grow without money. Getting investors into your business is like a marriage, it is one of the hardest things you will encounter when starting a business. 

  5. Great team is important in ensuring the success of a business. Know your strengths and weaknesses and team up with people or co-founders that compliments you.

  6. Customer experience is everything. Always be customer-centric (do not focus on your competitors).

  7. Be persistent - Doors will be shut at your face, you will hear lots of No's. Close associates may quit on you but you should never stop believing in your vision.

  8. Maintaining an equilibrium between your business life and your social life is a constant task. There is no such thing as a balanced life.

  9. Launch your business early and figure out things as you go along.

  10. Do things that will have an impact.


Image by Gulf Business

Izuchukwu Igwe